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Format: 2024-06-19

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Excursions to Kornati islands

Izleti na Kornate - Nacionalni park KornatiThe islands of Kornati are the island paradise, an archipelago with the highest density on the entire Mediterrenian, exceptional bacause, with their raw beauty, they remained intact of the development of the modern time.
Situated in the middle part of Croatian Adriatic, near to the island of Murter.
Beacuse of their exceptional beauty, indentedness of the coast, preserved nature and rich maritime ecosystem, a bigger part of Kornati islands was pronounced a national park.

Kornati excursions from Murter are especially interesting because Murter with its position represents the closest spot to National park Kornati. That position provides a quality excursion on which people spend more time bathing and sightseeing, ad less time driving. Murter is also called the capital of Kornati, because its inhabitants are the owners of almost every islands of the Kornati archipelago.

We offer You a various boats with a different routes of excursions to Kornati. During tourist season (July, August) all boats make excursions every day. In pre and post season (May, June, September, October) the offer is based upon groups to which can be joined individual tourists.

Brod Barbarinac - Izlet na Kornate - Murter - Kornati Brod Re di Mare - Izlet na Kornate - Murter - Kornati Brod Torcida - Izlet na Kornate - Murter - Kornati
Boat Barbarinac
Boat Re di Mare Boat Torcida


Brod Otac Božidar - Izlet na Kornate - Murter - Kornati Brod Račić - Izlet na Kornate - Murter - Kornati
Boat Otac Božidar
Boat Račić